"The RISE VISION| ACTION| PLANNER™ will help you achieve your goals, as it has helped my clients and me.  Ignited with the passion for assisting and inspiring others to breakdown barriers and achieve heightened and measurable results…I know, because I had to help myself. It's been a 15+ year journey…let me show you what I know, let this guide you through my results-based approach. I'll walk the journey with you, as I'm already on it.

I knew I had to create a tool that would complement the active lifestyles of myself and my clients. THE RISE VISION| ACTION| PLANNER™ 3-in-1 system provides everything required to develop a healthy mindset, build new habits, and get more done. A proven, effective, and efficient process that works combining the best techniques in mindset development and organizational structure to provide the space for my clients and me to realize our untapped potential.  

Having the life you desire takes consistency, time, and dedication. It requires you to embrace discomfort, move through your comfort zone, and show up for yourself, on the good days and the bad.  I set out to create a system that brings ease to a process required for us to build the consistency mandated to develop greater self-discipline. Self-discipline leads to self-trust, self-trust, leads to self-respect, self-respect, leads to self-love, and self-love leads to self-validation. Working on yourself in this way increases confidence, motivation, happiness, success, and results.  

And this is a simple and easy way to start. 

Backed by scientific research, I created this planner to provide clarity of focus as you improve your mindset to achieve your short and long-term goals. It's time to accelerate your success and development. It's time to RISE."

- Courtney A. Seard, Creator of The Rise Vision| Action| Planner™


Courtney A. Seard is passionate about developing company culture, engaging teams, coaching leaders, and transforming people-related systems.

Courtney has gained global experience and broad leadership expertise working with organizations and leaders to take ownership, clarify and enhance their team experience, and create a clear path forward while delivering measurable results.

Throughout her 15+ years working with startups and Fortune 500 companies using the most innovative mind sciences and entrepreneurial strategies available today, the outcomes in her training and coaching methods are reflected in her clients and their track record of success. With her niche being late series A early/ series B startup and entrepreneurs who understand the importance and impact of company culture and are consciously committed and focused on developing and improving company culture, outcomes, and health.

Courtney works with companies such as GE, Snap Inc., Mercedes Benz-Financial AT&T, Dolce Vita, The United State of Women, Galvanize Leadership Program, and is a speaker represented by Live Nation’s SME Division.

Learn more at courtneyseard.com